President Meets with Finance Minister


President Salih received today at the Baghdad Palace, Iraqi Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi.
The President asserted that it's necessary to make appropriate reforms, as well as our spending needs to be rationalized, and public funds must be maintained.
 In addition to fighting against corruption, there is a need to work on developing and diversifying sources of economic growth, at a time when our country is confronting a serious threat represented by COVID-19, he said.
Furthermore, the President underlined that the remedial economic measures, which would enable the country to emerge from the current crisis, must not affect the lower classes, those on low-income, employees and retired staff members.
It was also stressed that outstanding issues between the Federal Government and the KRG should be settled in accordance with the constitution and legal frameworks.    
The meeting covered the necessary means of supporting Iraq in responding to the present financial crisis, and focused on the required plans and measures which could overcome the crisis.
His Excellency the President and the Finance Minister, agreed and emphasized the importance of joining efforts and standing shoulder to shoulder to reduce the budget deficit in order to achieve social justice, stability and economy for all Iraqis.     
 The Minister of Finance, in turn, reviewed procedures being followed by the Ministry to address the economic and financial situation.
Concerted efforts being required by the present conditions to move beyond the current phase and its impacts on the public life, has been shown by Dr. Allawi to President Salih.

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