President, Meeting France's Le Drian, Says that Iraq Looks Forward to Taking Supportive International Attitude on Safeguarding Its Sovereignty and Its Territories


President Salih received today at the Baghdad Palace French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian alongside with his delegation.
 The meeting covered the ways of further developing Iraqi- French ties as well as promoting the expansion of economic and cultural cooperation, since that is in the interests of the both friendly peoples.
The President underlined the need for the International Community's support for a capable, strong Iraq exercising full sovereignty which would be a ground for a national project maintaining the stability for Iraq and creating a regional system bringing peace, security and prosperity for the peoples of the region.
Furthermore, he stressed that Iraq looks forward to taking a supportive international stance on Safeguarding its sovereignty and its territories   and stopping Turkey's recurrent military incursions into Iraqi soil.
Border problems are resolved through the cooperation between the two neighboring States and avoiding unilateral measures, added he.
His Excellency President Salih hailed France's support for Iraq and its contributions to the international coalition's efforts to defeat Daesh/ISIS.
However, he believes that its essential to continue cooperation, coordination and working together with the States of the region and the Globe to complete the victory by eradicating the hotbeds of terrorism, extremism and drying up its sources.
The two sides agreed and placed emphasis on giving effect to the strategic cooperation between the two countries as well as the contributions of France's companies to reconstruct the liberated cities.
Moreover, they highlighted the need to work together to confront COVID-19 and to limit its impacts on public life.
French FM, Le Drian, in turn, reaffirmed his country's support for Iraq's efforts aiming to protect its sovereignty, securing its stability and meeting the aspiration of its people to prevail well-being and prosperity.
 Together, they discussed the recent developments in the regional and international situation, and confirmed the need for constructive dialogue as a necessary step to address crises and tensions in the region.