President, Receiving Iranian FM, Underlines the Regional Need for Reaching Common Understanding to Find Solutions to the Crises and to Strengthen Regional Security


President Salih met today at the Baghdad Palace with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif alongside with his delegation.
The President stressed the depth of the historical ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran. There is a need for broadening the horizons of mutual cooperation between the two countries across all the fields, he added.
Moreover, he emphasized Iraq's eagerness to be a factor for stability and a point of cooperation and inclusion for all regional and international states in a way that promotes regional peace and security.
The region is in need for building a balanced relation, a joint cooperation and understanding and a clear vision to reach effective and meaningful solutions to the crises and the tensions by adopting a constructive and frank dialogue among all international actors, His Excellency stated.
Furthermore, he highlighted that Iraq attaches particular importance to safeguard its sovereignty, its security and its stability, and it looks forward to further cooperation with the allied and friendly States on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs.
Iran's supportive attitude towards our country and its ongoing political and economic support for Iraq in its war against ISIS were hailed by the President.
President Salih asked Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif to convey his fraternal greetings to President Rouhani as he wished that the Iranian would have further development, progress and stability.
Iranian FM Zarif, in turn, conveyed the greetings of President Rouhani and Iran's leadership to His Excellency President Salih, and he conveyed their best wishes to all Iraqis for having further well-being and prosperity.       
 Mr. Zarif expressed his country's desire to broaden the scope of cooperation and the bilateral coordination, and affirmed Iranian support for Iraq at various levels.
He, therefore, underlined the importance of boosting the ties among the States of the region which would prevail stability and sustain the broadest possible fight against terrorism.
The most recent political development at regional and international levels in addition to the ways to increase opportunities to enhance peace and stability were discussed at the meeting.


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