President, Welcoming Undersecretary of Planning, Congratulates her on Winning Distinguished Arab Women Award


President Salih met today at the Baghdad Palace with the Administrative Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning and the Head of Iraqi Engineers Union Dr. Azhar Hussein Salih.
The President congratulated Dr. Azhar Hussein for she was awarded the Distinguished Arab Women Award in its new session on the field of public work.
Therefore, he commended her sincere efforts made in her work and within her area of competence which reflect the ability of Iraqi women, their distinct position and their undying giving across all the fields.
 He stressed that Women had been deprived of their rights, but the time has come to achieve justice for women, to work for their active participation in the building of society, and to assume responsibilities in the running of the country so as to ensure that women can exercise their rights, responsibilities and duties.
The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Planning, in her turn, expressed her appreciation to the President for giving attention to Women as well as for providing sustained support to their role in building Iraq, its progress and its prosperity.
Moreover, she said that her winning the prize is a win and honoring for the Iraqi Women.


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