President Meets Prime Minister


President Salih received today, in Baghdad, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.
The President and the Prime Minister discussed overall political, security, health and economic situations in the country, and underlined that early, fair and free elections should be held, in keeping with the government commitment to its program.
Together, they agreed and emphasized the importance of continuing to track down the remnant of terrorism, to sustain the momentum of the victory achieved by our armed forces, preserve the achievements and establish security in all the Iraqis cities.
Furthermore, they discussed the ways of tackling the coronavirus, the support of the medical and health authorities and those who are working for safeguarding the health and the safety of all citizens.
Moreover, they reviewed the solutions and actions taken to emerge from today's economic crisis by rationalizing the government spending, increasing the State resources as well as laying the foundations for reform in the country.
The meeting placed emphasis on the importance of strengthening relations between the Federal Government and the KRG, in addition to the need to resolve the financial problems in order to guarantee citizens' constitutional right.
The meeting also covered the recent international and regional developments and Iraq's pivotal role in establishing security, peace and stability in the region.