President, On the Discussions Between the Federal Government and the KRG, Calls for Transparency and Mutual Frankness, Stresses the Need to Secure Citizens' Salaries


President Salih closely monitored the official reactions of the KRG and Federal Ministry of Finance on the outcome of the ongoing talks which have been held since two months ago to reach a financial settlement which would allow the release of the payments of the KRG's budget.
In a statement issued today on Thursday, the President asserted that he had a supportive and a continuous monitoring of the discussions aiming at reaching a fair legal settlement to this matter.
Many obstacles had been overcome in recent days through dialogue, he added.
The President expressed astonishment that political convulsions showed in some of the media statements which doesn't reflect the reality of the negotiations which are hoped to reach agreement by the end of this week.
 However, it was a just and legal solution that preserves the Iraqi people's rights, including the rights of citizens of employees and retirees in Kurdistan Region.
Furthermore, His Excellency the President underlined that since the outset of the talks he was supporting the negotiations to reach a settlement ensuring the getting of the resources allocated of the Federal budget as well as distributing of the KRG's revenues to the people of Kurdistan Region.
 He, therefore, emphasized the need to adopt the principle of transparency, heart to heart talks in addition to taking the sound legal contexts which didn't leave room for corruption or manipulation.
Moreover, he highlighted that securing the salaries of Iraqi citizens, including citizens of the Kurdistan Region is a constitutional right. It, therefore, should be guaranteed by relevant authorities; and it is not to be subject to political considerations or illegal self-interest.
The President confirmed that the effect of the continuous disagreements on the financial subjects between Baghdad and Erbil on the legal entitlements of Kurdistan citizens is unacceptable.
 He added that the serious suffering of the Kurdistan Region's citizens, resulting from the current crisis should be redressed. He urged both sides to return to the negotiating table as soon as possible, and underlined that citizens' interest should have priority over self- interest and over political concerns.
The President emphasized the beginning of a series of communications to tackle quickly with this emerging crisis and to put things back to the way which was supposed to be, so as to protect the public interest.


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