President, Meeting Speaker of Parliament Al-Halbousi, Stresses the Need for Holding Early Election


President Salih received today in Sulaymaniyah the Speaker of the Council of Representatives Muhammad Al-Halbousi.
The two leaders discussed the security, political situation as well as the conditions of the services over the country.
Together, they reviewed the recent health developments of the Coronavirus outbreak, and ways to reduce its epidemiological and economic implications in the country.
 They agreed and emphasized that it is necessary to hold an early and fair election as it is a national entitlement and a stepping stone towards undertaking the desired reforms.
It is essential for the Iraqi Parliament to update the electoral law and to be sent to the Presidency of the Republic, they highlighted.
The President and the Speaker of the parliament underlined that all national political forces should come together; and national interest should be given priority over any other considerations to boost Iraq's sovereignty, stability and to address the challenges that the region faces.
Moreover, they asserted that the ties, joint action need to be enhanced in order to find a comprehensive and effective solution to the outstanding problems between the Federal Government and the KRG in accordance with the constitution so as to ensure the protection of citizens' pension rights and employees' salaries to provide a life of freedom and dignity for everyone.
It was also stressed that fighting against terrorism and eradicating the hideouts and the cells of the terrorists should be continued to bring about security and stability for the Iraqi people.
They jointly examined the latest developments at the regional and international levels, and confirmed the need for the international support to be bolstered to promote peace in the region.