President, Meeting Chairman, Members of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, Says that Independent Media is Essential for Promoting Democracy Over the Country


President Salih received today at the Baghdad Palace Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, Mr. Jaafar Al-Wanan alongside his delegation.
During the meeting, the President stressed the necessity of enhancing professional and free media as it is a major factor in strengtheningthe path of democracy in the country.
It was, therefore, imperative that the public should be informed of accurate information that is free from side effects, he added.
Furthermore, His Excellency the President emphasized that it is of great importance that the Iraqi Media Network(IMN) has to work free from political and partisan influences, in a manner that guarantees its independence.
The visiting delegation explained the functioning of the IMN to the President.
 Moreover, His Excellency reiterated his full support to the reform steps which would achieve the target set since the IMN has been established in order to emerge an independent media organization, reflecting the aspirations of the people to convey their sufferings and demands to the responsible parties.


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