President Welcomes Iraqi Minister of Displacement and Migration


Meeting with the Minister of Displacement and Migration, Mrs. Evan Faeq, today at the Baghdad Palace, President Salih underscored the need to support efforts and to provide all the possibilities to return all the internally displaced persons(IDP) from Yazidi population and those who were living in the Nineveh plain in addition to working on ending the file of IDP in the country.
Appropriate living conditions for all IDP should be provided after being returned home, he added.
Together, the President and the Minister discussed the recent developments in the health situations as well as the preventive and treatment actions taken by the Ministry of Migration, the Ministries and relevant bodies in displaced persons' camps to address COVID-19.
There is the importance of giving a great attention to the current displaced persons' camps; all procedures for the return of displaced persons should be facilitated, the President highlighted.
However, having listened to the head of delegation about the Ministry's future plans and having informed about the conditions of the displaced and returned families, His Excellency President Salih emphasized his support to the all efforts aiming at ending the file of the IDP and building a secure and stable life.


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