President, Receiving Dignitaries and Clan Elders of Kirkuk, Stresses the Need to Address the Situation in Accordance with the Constitution to Ensure Peaceful Coexistence Away from Imposing a Fait Accompli


President Salih met today at the Baghdad Palace with a delegation representing the dignitaries and clan elders of Kirkuk.
"It is essential to address the situations in Kirkuk in accordance with the constitution; we should recourse to the indigenous families of the Governorate who know everything about their city," the President stated. " the citizens were greatly harmed owing to the tyranny and corruption, imposing a fait accompli, marginalization and various security challenges during the past period."
There are serious dialogues among the Kirkuk's components aiming to find local solutions in accordance with the constitution in a way that guarantees stability and peaceful coexistence in the city, free from imposing a fait accompli, he added.
His Excellency the President stated that the decision in Kirkuk should be made by its own people who proved that they are tolerant and good brothers. He emphasized the need for dialogue and continuing work closely together to prevent escalation and avoid the city from being a battleground for disputes.
 In the same vein, it is necessary to prevent the terrorists from exploiting the situation in addition to threatening security and stability, he highlighted.
Furthermore, the President underlined that he is following closely the situations in Kirkuk as he works to overcome difficulties preventing individuals to resolve their issues.
"The government of the Prime Minister is eager to resolve the lingering issues and problems," he added. " To these end, there are steps that have been taken at all levels."
"Kirkuk is the city which is rich in its own natural and human resources, and these should be reflected in the lives of people," he noted. It must be served as an example of what Iraq could be from tolerance, peaceful coexistence and prosperity."
The visiting delegation expressed gratitude to the President for his eagerness and his continuous following of the latest developments of Kirkuk, and they commended his major role in addressing the challenges that the population face.
His Excellency the President was briefed extensively by the delegation on the problems that affected Kirkuk and its population. He pledged to follow up the work to resolve these problems to bring about security, stability and make all persons to live a life of freedom and dignity.


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