President, Meeting Yazidi, Shabaki and Turkmen Survivors and Activists, Says that Ensure Justice and Achieve Victory for the Victims of Terrorism Can't be Waived


President Salih received today at the al- Salam Palace in Baghdad a delegation included a number of Yazidi, Shabaki and Turkmen survivors and activists in the presence of a number of Iraqis Lawmakers.
At the outset of the meeting, the President hailed the courage and steadfastness of the oppressed women in the face of terror and its crimes which are against humanity. He noted they gave the greatest examples to the whole world in courage, sacrifice, overcoming difficulties and continuing on this path.
The President underlined that material and moral compensation for those who had been affected by terrorism should be provided. They should be rehabilitated and reintegrated into society. Dignified life for them should be also secured. He asserted ways to help survivors and victims to integrate into society should be taken. We have to provide them a safe haven and adequate housing.   
His Excellency reiterated his call for updating Yazidis Women survivors law and to be extended to cover other segments of the population including guaranteeing the rights of victims. He highlighted that he gives full support for women rights. To this end, he works continuously and intensively with the various competent authorities in the country.
In the same vein, he emphasized that offenders who committed serious crimes such as kidnapping and captivity against the victims should not be covered by any amnesty or special pardon. Their sentence should not be abolished as an essential step that these types of crimes must never again be allowed to occur. He noted that bringing criminals to stand trial is a foundation of building a free, safe and stable nation as well as preventing any attempt to threaten peace and security of the international community.


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