President Meets a Number of Security Officers Arresting Offender Who Committed Heinous Crime in Baghdad


President Salih received today at the Baghdad Palace a number of security officers who arrest the offender committing a heinous crime against a family consisting of three persons. The crime is known as " Al Mansour crime."
The President hailed the quick response of the security forces and their coordination with Kurdistan Region to investigate into the murder case, chase and arrest the offender.
Furthermore, he stated that what happened is a horrible crime, and shocked the public opinion. Therefore, the perpetrator must stand trial. There must be justice. Punishing the criminal will become a lesson to those whose minds have deceived them to do any crime.
The President emphasized the importance of the security forces' role to impose order and to build stability and security. He confirmed his full support for the security and judicial authorities to detect those involved in practicing criminal acts of killing, kidnapping and other crimes aiming at threatening peace, security of the community. He asserted that applying justice and punishing the perpetrators of crimes are a main demand for building a stable nation.
The President was briefed extensively by the security officers team about the heinous crime and the security operation that leads to the arrest of the criminal. His Excellency gave the security team a letter of appreciation for their efforts.


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