President, Meeting Iraqi Central Bank Governor, Stresses the Need to Strengthen the Country's Financial Situation and to Maintain the Independence of Central Bank


President Salih received today at the Baghdad Palace Iraqi Central Bank Governor, Mr. Mustafa Ghalib Al-Kitab.
At the beginning of the meeting, the President congratulated Mr. Al-Kitab on occupying a new post of the Iraqi Central Bank Governor, wishing him success in performing his new duties. They discussed monetary and financial situation in the country taking place in the current challenges.       
The President confirmed the need for the independence of the Central Bank and strengthening of the country's financial situation through diversification of the State's resources, pursuing conservative monetary policy and taking all actions necessary to battle administrative and financial corruption, particularly in the current circumstances in which the country faces the COVID-19 as well as declining in oil imports.
Mr. Al-Kitab, in turn, reviewed the functioning of the Central Bank on the financial and monetary situation and the steps taken to reduce the economic consequences.
Furthermore, he commended President Salih's support which is intended to improve monetary and financial situation in addition to delivering needed services to the population.


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