President Affirms Important Role of Federal Board of Supreme Audit in Maintaining Public Funds and Combating Corruption


President Salih met today at the Baghdad Palace with the Head of Federal Board of Supreme Audit(FBSA) Mr. Rafal Yassin Khudair.
The President underscored that the Federal Board of Supreme Audit(FBSA) plays an important role in maintaining public funds, combating administrative and financial corruption as well as improving administrative systems of the State institutions so as to promote transparency and integrity.
Furthermore, he emphasized his full support for the actions taken by FBSA to achieve these goals.
Mr. Rafal Yassin, in turn, praised the attention and support which were given by the President to the FBSA in carrying its tasks, developing its work and overcoming the difficulties that it faces.
Moreover, he reviewed the FBSA's work and the plans for the near future.


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