President Receives Chief of Staff of Iraqi Army


President Salih met today with Chief of Staff of the Iraqi Army, General Abdul Amir Yarallah.
At the outset of the meeting, the President commended the role played by the Iraqi armed forces in all military units and formations in chasing the remnants of ISIS those who seek to undermine security and stability.
The war against terror is still going on therefore security efforts aimed at countering terrorist activity must be continued, he said.
The President stressed the need for enhancing security and stability in Iraq, protecting diplomatic premises as well as consolidating State authority to enforce the law, confront terrorists and prevent acts of outlaw.
He highlighted that it is essential to strengthen the capacity of Iraq security forces at the fields of training and arming and improve their fighting capacity; there is a need to further strengthen security coordination in addressing the challenges and bridging security gaps; like it happened in the battle against ISSI when our armed forces, the PMF and the Peshmerga have achieved great victories over terrorists and recaptured cities from their hands.
The Iraqi Army Chief of Staff, in turn, expressed words of thanks to the President for monitoring and supporting security bodies in their missions to fight terror, impose law and provide security to citizens.
He briefed the President on the ongoing military operations that are currently carried out to chase the remnants of ISIS.

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