President, Welcoming Members of the Council of State, Stresses that the Council Must Be Independent to Develop State Institutions' Work


President Salih met today at the Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad with a delegation representing the Council of State headed by Ms. Samia Kazim Mohammad.
During the meeting, the President and the visiting delegation discussed the council's work, its role in legislation cases, the legal consultation and addressing administrative and legal issues of the State's institutions in addition to regulating employees and citizens' issues.
The President underlined that it is, therefore, necessary that the Council's independence and authority be safeguard in accordance with the principles of the Constitution.
The Council must adjudicate of the cases in an impartial and independent manner in order to develop the work of the administrative bodies of the State institutions; There is, therefore, urgent need to develop the actions plans which would upgrade the Council's work and make it more relevant to modern day requirements, he highlighted.
The members of the visiting delegation, in their turn, expressed their thanks and appreciation to the President for his directions that aimed at developing the Council's work to overcome the issues facing the State's legislative and legal institutions.


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