President Congratulates Yezidis on their Annual Gathering (Jamayi Eid)


 President Salih congratulated the Yezidis on their religious holidays, the annual gathering, known as the Jamayi Eid.
The following is the text of congratulations:
" We extend our warmest congratulations to the people of the Yazidi faith on the occasion of the annual gathering and the Feast of Seven Days (the Jamayi Eid), and wish them peaceful celebration, lasting peace and security in their country while they are celebrating their annual religious festivals at the Lalish temple.
As a result of the spread of COVID-19 in addition to the passing of their spiritual leader, Baba Sheikh Khurto Hajji Ismail and continuing suffering of many families that are affected by the brutal occupation of ISIS to their villages, their city and its crimes against humanity, Yezidis postponed practicing of their religious ceremonies.
Our thoughts are with our sons and brothers of the Yazidi community. We, therefore, exert all efforts to alleviate and put an end to their suffering so as to bring justice, peace, allow the return of all displaced persons as well as helping to determine the fate of kidnapped and missing persons and liberate the live ones.
God save and bless everyone.
I wish the Yazidi community in Iraq and around the world blessed and great holidays.
Barham Salih,
President of the Republic."


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