President Holds Extensive Meeting with Heads of the Supreme Judicial Council and Judicial Council of Kurdistan Region


President Salih met today at his residence in Sulaymaniyah with the head of the Supreme Judicial Council Judge Fa'iq Zidan alongside his delegation. The meeting was attended by the head of the Judicial Council of Kurdistan Region, Judge Benkin Qasim and Governor of Sulaymaniyah Haval Abu Bakr.
The discussions at the meeting focused on the importance of an independent judiciary in establishing the principle of justice, applying the law and strengthening State sovereignty.
It was stressed that it is essential to have further coordination between the federal judicial bodies and the judicial authorities of the Kurdistan Region in accordance with the Constitution.
Therefore, achieving this coordination will speedily resolve the lingering issues, and it will be able to respond quickly to the legal and legislative requirements of the country which would be reflected on consolidating the rule of the law.
Emphasis was placed on conducting the country's next parliamentary elections, as well as on the need for providing all legislative and technical assistance requirements, guaranteeing that elections are fair and credible, preventing fraud and ballot tampering on elections, and achieving broad representations.
It was also underlined that the monopoly over arms should be with the State in addition to preventing outlaw's acts.
 All meeting participants discussed the importance of settling the draft amendment of the Federal Court Act.
It is, therefore, important to have coordination between the Federal Judicial Bodies and judicial authority of the Kurdistan Region in this regard.
The attendees asserted the important role of the Court to address many legal and administrative issues as well as working to settle them under the constitution.
The President underscored that he is committed supporting and backing for all the efforts made by the Federal Judicial and Judicial authority of the Kurdistan Region.
Moreover, he will continue supporting drafting law and legislation that would resolve outstanding issues and points of disagreement, implement justice as well as realization of rights in order to strengthen the State's sovereignty to enforce the rule of law and provide security and stability for citizens.
The judges, in their turn, expressed their thanks to the President for hosting this important meeting, for his support for the independence of the judicial power in addition to his efforts aimed at foresting cooperation and coordination among judicial bodies to apply the law and guarantee the independence of the judiciary so as to strengthen State authority.


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