President Meets Top Kurdish Leaders


President Salih met in Erbil on Monday with Kurdistan Region's President Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani, Parliament Speaker Rewaz Fayaq and Vice President Mustafa Sayyid Qadir.
The discussion at the meeting examined the current situations in Iraq and Kurdistan Region including the political, financial, security and health matters, and underlined the necessary need to positively address these issues.
 Emphasis was placed on the need to support steps taken by the Federal Government and its governmental institutions to maintain security and stability in the country, especially the efforts exerted to provide a stable and suitable environment for the work of permanent missions.
Those in attendance discussed the importance of conducting the upcoming elections, and stressed that we have to support and create an appropriate environment to ensure the success of the elections throughout the country.
Jointly, they examined the situations of the disputed provinces, the mechanisms of applying the provisions of article 140 of the constitution.
Therefore, they agreed and emphasized that it is essential to continue talks between the Federal Government and the KRG on how to address the outstanding problems of the disputed areas in order to safeguard the rights of their components and provide an appropriate and suitable environment for the peaceful coexistence.
Attendants also underlined their support for the recent agreement between the Federal Government and the KRG to normalize the situation in Sinjar, return of displaced persons in addition to preventing efforts aimed to change the demography of the disputed areas.
They highlighted the need to take the necessary procedures and mechanisms based on the constitution to ensure that peace, security and stability will prevail in these areas.
All meeting participants reviewed the latest developments of the dialogue between the two Governments, and they expressed their support for the steps taken and efforts exerted to find definitive solutions to the lingering issues in accordance with the constitution and in a way that guarantees the rights of all citizens.
The attendees deliberated the development aspects of the Coronavirus epidemic and its financial and economic impacts, and asserted the importance of exerting utmost efforts to overcome this difficult stage and preserve citizens' interests that require unity as well as working together to address the current challenges.
All the sides strongly condemned the assassination of the head of security forces (Asayesh), at Sarzer border crossing, Ghazi Salih Ali Khan.


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