President, Meeting Greece's Foreign Minister, Confirms Iraq's Eagerness to Cooperate with Allied and Friendly States to Meet Regional and International Challenges


President Salih received today at the Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.
At the beginning of the meeting, the President stressed Iraq's eagerness to further develop Iraqi- Greek ties across all fields, and noted the historical depth of Mesopotamia and Ancient Greek civilization.
On the other hand, he underlined that it is important for the two Nations to have further coordination to address the various challenges, which are faced by the Region and the World as well, first and foremost among which is the terrorism in addition to strengthening diplomatic, economic and cultural cooperation.
Furthermore, he paid homage to Greece for receiving Iraqi refugees and for its role in supporting Iraq, the international coalition and NATO in the war against ISIS organization.
He stated that terrorism poses a threat to the international community, therefore the need is emerged to stand together to fight it as well as preventing terrorists from regrouping themselves to undermine global peace and security.
The President underscored that Iraq attaches the highest importance to safeguarding its sovereignty, security and stability in addition to having further cooperation with the allied and friendly nations on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of other States.
Iraq will not be a battleground for settling of scores between various political agendas, he added.
His Excellency the President affirmed the importance of enhancing the economic openness between the two countries, and highlighted that overcoming the political and economic crises and halting of the spread of the COVID-19 require the international community to make further efforts and coordination to get through this situations, thus laying the foundations of peace, security and stability and achieving progress and prosperity for nations.
The Greece's Foreign Minister, in turn, thanked the President, and paid homage to the President's talk and statements. Moreover, he reaffirmed his country's commitment for supporting Iraq across all fields as well as reinforcing the bilateral cooperation so as to enhance the relations between the both countries.


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