President, Welcoming Chairman of Integrity Commission, Says that Closing up the Loopholes of Corruption, Recovering Looted Funds Have Become National Imperative


President Salih met today at the Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad with the Charmian of the Integrity Commission Judge Alaa Jawad Hamid.
The President hailed the role played by the Integrity Commission in the fight against corruption and its integration with the rest of the States' intuitions.
Furthermore, he stated that maintaining State's funds, shutting the loopholes of corruption, recovering the looted funds in addition to halting the waste of public money are an urgent national task and an essential foundation for building a capable State which would serve its people in a better way.
He, therefore, underlined that corruption feds and finances the acts of terrorism, and erodes State's institutions and preventing them to meet the needs of citizens, and adversely affects the investment opportunities in the country.
However, he underscored that it is essential to take all necessary legal and practical measures in fighting corruption, detecting the illicit funds and corrupt officials by coordination with the countries, international community and relevant institutions, and utilizing international expertise and experience in this field.
The head of the Integrity Commission briefed President Salih on the work of the Commission and its future plans.
The President, therefore, affirmed his full support for every effort to be made to stamp out corruption, to stop wasting public money in addition to achieving transparency and fairness in the institutions of the State.


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