Presidency of the Republic Condemns Attacking on Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP) Office, Stresses the Need to Maintain Social Peace


In a statement issued today, the spokesman for the Office of the President condemned the attack on the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP) Office in Baghdad on Saturday morning.
The statement confirmed that acts of sabotage and burning the headquarters are not in the interest of the country, but they threaten the peace and stability of communities.
The statement called on the government to conduct a prompt investigation into the attack against KDP's Office; And the saboteurs must be held to account.
The Presidency, therefore, called on all parties for the calm and restraint, for having recourse to the language of dialogue, for putting in their mind that the country's interests must take precedence over any interests, especially as Iraq is going through difficult circumstances that needed to bring national positions together.
The following is the text of the statement:
" At the time when the national concerted efforts are made to address the crisis threatening our security and economy, we have seen today the acts of aggression against the KDP's Office in Baghdad by undisciplined groups those who are never believe in the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and peaceful assembly in addition to respecting for the authority of the State and maintain social peace.
The cooperation among the Army, the Peshmerga and the PMF, and other forces has brought us the triumph against terrorism. And it is unacceptable that the sacrifices made by these Forces to be a part of the sparring, acting in nervous manner or to be with acts of sabotage. That today the saboteurs burned the flag of the Kurdistan Region that has its symbolic and historical significance to Iraqis, and it is also a part of Iraq's constitution.
Based on our firm position in supporting the freedom of expression and opinion peacefully, we condemn at the same time such acts of sabotage that are not in the interest of any one, and threaten stability and peace of community. We call on launching an urgent investigation into the incident, and the saboteurs must be held to account, in particular PMF has denied today its responsibility for the acts of sabotage and burning KDP's Office. Therefore, it will lead us to know who wants to break down our national unity.
We denounce the irresponsible statement aiming at disrespecting our official institutions, security services and the PMF.
At these historical times, our hearts hurt deeply from having to hear the tragic news about a cowardly terrorist's attack in northern Iraq's Salahaddin province, Balad District. This incident emphasized that we have to collect our efforts, and should be directed at combating acts of   violence and terror which seize any chance to undermine peace, security and stability.
We call on all parties for calm and restraint, for having recourse to the language of dialogue, for putting in their mind that the country's interests must take precedence over any interests. Iraq urgently needs to unify the national positions and to come together to counter the security and economic crisis that our country is facing.

The Spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic."

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