President, Meeting Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP), Underscores the Need to Provide Security to Citizens and to Guarantee Fair and Free Elections


President Salih met today at the Baghdad Palace with the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party (ICP), Raid Fahmi alongside his delegation.
The President and Mr. Fahmi discussed the latest political, security and economic developments in the country, and highlighted that the national political forces and social actors have to stand together to address the current challenges and reinforce efforts aimed at meeting people's demands as well as establishing security to all citizens.
There is a need to strengthen State authority in imposing law in addition to preventing the saboteurs from undermining security and stability of our country, they underlined.
His Excellency the President stressed the need for providing all the requirements of the electoral process, starting with a fair and free election law and preventing electoral fraud from happening in the electoral process.
Furthermore, he stated that the upcoming elections will reflect the true representation of citizens in choosing their representatives away from any pressure or influence.
The two sides agreed and emphasized the importance of conducting the forthcoming elections as well as the need for strengthening State authority in imposing law and guaranteeing the integrity of the forthcoming parliamentary elections.
Mr. Fahmi, in turn, expressed his appreciation for President Salih's proposals.


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