Iraqi President Meets Kurdistan Al-Amal Coalition's Delegation


On Tuesday, January 12, 2021, President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with a delegation from the Kurdistan Al-Amal Coalition. The meeting took place at the Baghdad Palace.
During the meeting, recent political developments related- situations in Iraq were discussed. Meeting participants agreed it was important to ensure security and logistical support in Iraq and also that it was vital to create the right conditions for the next federal election, in order to ensure it was free and fair and that there was no fraud, manipulation or pressure on voters.
President Salih and the visiting delegation placed emphasis on the need to work together and concerted all efforts. They agreed it was vital that a final solution to unresolved issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government(KRG) and the Federal Government must all be found and this should be done according to the Iraqi constitution. The rights of all Iraqi citizens should be guaranteed within the federal Budget for 2021, they said.
The President underlined that there is a need to continue constructive dialogue in addition to having common desire to best serve citizens' interests. This will lead to find sustainable solutions to a number of issues including the issue of non-payment of salaries of Kurdistan Region's employees as it is a right that is guaranteed by the Iraqi constitution, said President Salih, other lingering financial issues will also be resolved, thereby preserving the Iraqi people's rights, including the rights of citizens, employees and retired staff in the Kurdistan Region.