Iraqi President Approves Iraq's Accession to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change


The President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih, approved Iraq's accession to the Paris Agreement on climate change. As he added his signature, President Salih said that he was pleased to do so because it was a step toward countering the threat that Iraq and the world faced from climate change and things like greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution. 
Previously, on Saturday, December 12 last year, President Salih delivered a speech at the UN-organized Climate Ambition Summit 2020. In this, he announced that Iraq was heading into a new, greener era during which the country planned to do much more to support renewable energies and reduce carbon emissions and other pollution. This would also involve promoting the private sector in Iraq, along with the role of women and youth in economic development, President Salih said in his December speech to the UN. 
In order to start work swiftly after Iraq agreed to join the Paris Agreement, President Salih said the country had started writing its nationally determined contributions (NDCs). These would make for a foundational framework whenever Iraq made policy regarding climate change in the future, worked towards a green and sustainable economy or curbed carbon emissions.