Iraqi President Meets Sabean Mandean Leader and Delegation: Extremists and Terrorists Cannot be Allowed to Disturb Iraq's Social Cohesion


On Monday, January 25, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih, met with the global head of the Sabean Mandaean community, Sheikh Sattar Jabar Helou, and an accompanying delegation that included senior members of the Sabean Mandean community. The meeting took place at Al Salam Palace in Baghdad.

President Salih reaffirmed that Iraq's Sabean Mandeans, who have played important roles throughout Iraq's history, are a vital part of the country's diverse communities. The Sabean Mandeans have overcome various challenges and take great pride in their identity.

President Salih also stressed the need to promote social cohesion in Iraq and to protect Iraqi citizens. Recent terrorist attacks in Iraq sought to destabilize the country and to ignite conflict between different sectors of Iraqi society, he said. To prevent this, the rule of law must be strengthened and the war on extremism and terrorism must continue.


The Sabean Mandean delegation discussed with President Salih some of the challenges their community faces. The President affirmed his support for their cultural and religious rights. The Sabean Mandean delegation expressed their appreciation for President Salih's promotion of the peaceful coexistence for all the different communities in the country.