Iraqi President meets GCC Secretary General: To Meet Regional Challenges, We Must Create More Opportunities for Development and Peace.


On Monday, February 1, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih, met with the Secretary General of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC), Nayef Falah al-Hajraf. The meeting took place at Al Salam Palace in Baghdad. 

During the meeting, relations between Iraq and the GCC were discussed. The participants emphasized the importance of promoting and supporting the relationship in all sectors, in ways that serve all of the involved nations' common interests. This included creating more opportunities for development and peace. Steps taken by Iraq and the GCC toward the signing of a memorandum of understanding were praised by both sides, as were agreements that would further develop trade and economic ties. 

President Salih also congratulated the GCC on the success of its recent summit in Saudi Arabia and the signing of al-Ula declaration on “solidarity and stability”, which aimed to resolve the rift within the GCC and at strengthening regional security, peace, stability and prosperity. President Salih said the al-Ula declaration would enhance the GCC's work and support regional security and stability. 

There were many common challenges in the region, President Salih continued, particularly those presented by terrorism and extremism and by economic issues. An international and regional effort was required to deal with terrorism and extremism, the Iraqi President said, and economic prosperity could be supported with mutually beneficial opportunities for trade and development in the region.

Iraq could become a hub for the promotion of security, stability and development by ensuring the country's sovereignty and by the maintenance of strong and positive relationships within the Arab world and the Islamic neighborhood, President Salih noted. 

Secretary General al-Hajraf thanked President Salih, expressing his appreciation for the President's words. He confirmed the GCC's commitment to Iraq's security, stability and sovereignty, with a focus on the fight against terrorism and extremism. The GCC looked forward to enhancing its ties with Iraq and broadening the relationship across all sectors, the Secretary General said.