Speech by the President of the Republic at the Third Anniversary Conference of the Yezidis Genocide

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic directed a speech in the occasion of the Third Anniversary Conference of the Yezidis Genocide which held in Baghdad today Thursday August 3, 2017, delivered on behalf of him Dr. Qahtan Al-Jburi, his adviser.
In the following os the full text of the speech:

“Ladies and Gentlemen
Peace, mercy and blessing of Allah would be upon you

I salute you and salute what you have done and are doing of a noble effort and sincere care to uncover and continue to uncover the horrifying disaster and the suffering exposed by Yazidi citizens following the occupation of the terrorist gangs of ISIS to their city Sinjar and their villages in these days three years ago, in a crime commensurate with the seriousness of the worst crimes of genocide known in the history of humanity, in the chain of a series of crimes committed by the terrorist organization of ISIS in Iraq during the past years, some of which have been associated with the killing of hundreds of innocent citizens in cold blood, and causing enormous tragedies and suffering to Iraqis of various components in the various cities that have been brutally afflicted.
This third anniversary of the Yezidis' genocide pass in a new circumstance thanks to the success of our victorious armed forces last month in achieving a great historical victory for our Iraqi people and for the whole world, represented by the defeat of a major criminal of the terrorist gangs due to the liberation of the entire city of Mosul after the liberation of the city of Sinjar and most of Nineveh province, as well as the provinces of Salah al-Din and Anbar, as it prepares with undisguised determination to clear every inch of the territory of the homeland from the control of remnants of a terrorist gangs of ISIS.
As we bow to the martyrs of our armed forces of the heroes of the army, the federal police, the Peshmerga, the popular crowd and the volunteers, who sacrificed their lives and cherished their best to achieve these great victories, we remember with great pain the thousands of Iraqi Yazidis and others of our people who have been subjected to murder, kidnapping, destruction and displacement by a terrorist organization of ISIS, we also remember the pain of their cruel human suffering, especially the abducted Yazidi women in the face of ISIS barbarism, we also recall the sacrifices and heroism of the sons of Sinjar in resisting the criminal gangs of ISIS which is devoid of religious and moral values.
The crimes committed by the terrorists in Sinjar and the Yezidi areas, as in Spiker and other Iraqi areas, are all crimes of genocide and crimes against humanity, which requires intensified the doubled national and international action for the detection, condemnation and punishment of its perpetrators without exception or waiting, as well as alleviating the suffering of the displaced and accelerating the reconstruction of their areas and compensating them or compensating their families for the serious material and moral losses caused by their plight on the hands of ISIS.
I take this opportunity to salute the heroic steadfastness of the Yazidis against terrorism, and I salute the courage and patience of the Yezidi women, who have been plagued by hasty criminals who have resisted and strengthened morale in the heroic war against the monsters of terror, I also salute the solidarity of our people in all its components with the suffering of their Yazidi brothers, and before them the Christians, confident that this predicament caused by the criminal mentality of ISIS has strengthened the national cohesion among all Iraqis and stressed the need to deepen understanding and unity among them against terrorism, extremism and violence.

Peace, mercy and blessing of Allah upon you”

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