The President of the Republic Receives the Interior Minister

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic received Mr. Qasim Al-Araji the Interior Minister at the head of large delegation included a number of senior officials in the ministry, at the Presidential office in Baghdad today morning Monday August 7, 2017.
While His Excellency hailed the great sacrifices presented by all formation of Federal Police and the heroic role in the battles to liberate our country from the scourge of the terrorist organization of ISIS, he praised the Ministry's work and efforts in ensuring the security and safety of citizens and combating organized crime, pointing to the need to make every effort to prevent any attacks or excesses outside the rule of law and to prosecute and punish any acts of violence or extortion against citizens such as doctors, traders, academics and others.
President Masum also directed to prevent the spread of arms outside the hands of the state apparatus and to ban unofficial stores with military equipment and clothing, and to facilitate the procedures for obtaining official papers for all citizens according to legal principles.
He also called for doubling the importance of developing cooperation relations between the Ministry of the Interior and its counterparts in countries around the world, particularly neighboring countries, by intensifying meetings, exchanging experiences and strengthening the strict border controls, as well as following up on the situation of Iraqi expatriates and help them.
For his part, the Minister present a detailed preview on the work of the ministry and the tasks assigned to it in maintaining security and stability in the country, pointing out also to develop plans to overcome the obstacles and problems and the emergency inherited in a number of areas, stressing the continuation of the ministry in its hard work on the rest of the Iraqi citizen, and its continuous efforts to establish security and stability in all regions as well as to strengthen cooperation relations with neighboring countries.


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