President of the Republic Receives a Delegation of the Tribal Dispute Resolution Committee in Basra

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic received at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, this afternoon, Tuesday, August 8, 2017, a delegation representing the Committee for the Resolution of Tribal Disputes in the Province of Basra. The delegation included a number of tribal sheikhs and dignitaries of the province headed by sheikh Ya”rub al-Muhamadawi, the chairman of the committee. Representatives of the Christian and the Sabians communities in the province attended the meeting.
His Excellency affirmed his readiness to make every effort to support the development of Basra, especially in the economic fields. He stressed the importance of strengthening civil peace and reinforcing bonds of the society by urging the rejection of obsolete ideas that stand in the way of the development of the country in all fields, as well as their role in reinforcing the internal front and societal cohesion that promotes law, strengthens state authority and preserves the rights of all.
President Masum stressed on the need to mobilize all potentials in combating terrorism, which is trying to undermine the unity of Iraqi society and prevent the depletion of human energies and financial resources and utilize them in reconstruction and building.
His Excellency also pointed out the need to pay attention to development projects, and benefit from the huge human resources possessed by Iraq, especially Basra in the development of living and service realities and the achievement of sustainable development that will consolidate stability and prosperity in the country.
The President stressed on the need to redouble attention in protecting all communities, and encouraging these communities to not to migrate from their original and historical areas, in indication to Christians, Sabians and others. His Excellency called for the restoration and development of all places of worship and historical sites.
For their part, the members of the delegation valued the support of President Masum in their quest to achieve the success of the project of the societal reconciliation and his direct follow-up to the activities of the Committee. They expressed their determination to make every effort to promote civil peace and establish harmony among the Iraqi people.

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