The President of the Republic Receives the Two French Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic received Mr. Jean-Yves Laudrian the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and Mrs. Florence Barley the French Minister of Defense, and the accompanying delegation, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, this morning, Saturday, August 26, 2017.
The visiting delegation conveyed the greetings of Mr. Emmanuel Macron the French President and his congratulations on the victories that the Iraqi forces has achieved on the terrorist organization of ISIS by the liberation of the city of Mosul
At the onset of the meeting, the President welcomed the French delegation, stressing the importance of its symbolism and connotations represented in France's constant interest in supporting the Iraqi people. His Excellency also pointed out the importance of France's stances that support Iraq in its war against ISIS since the beginning of the control of this terrorist organization on the city of Mosul and other Iraqi cities. commending its role within the international coalition against terrorism and France providing of military support to the Iraqi armed forces, and its efforts in mobilizing international support for Iraq, as well as providing humanitarian aids to the displaced. He expressed the gratitude of the Iraqi people for these positions that support their efforts to build a free and democratic Iraq.
In the same context, the President clarified the determination of the Iraqis to defeat terrorism at all levels, pointing out that terrorism is a global scourge that requires an international cooperation to fight it and eliminate its sleeper cells through security and intelligence coordination among all.
During the meeting, His Excellency called for strengthening the relations between Iraq and the French Republic in the fields of agriculture, industry, culture and academia, affirming at the same time the importance of the contribution of French companies and institutions to the reconstruction of liberated areas and the development of infrastructure in these areas, as well as France’s contribution to the development of the Iraqi economy.
President Masum also confirmed the determination of the Iraqis to overcome the current difficulties, pursue to develop the federal democratic political system, entrench the concepts of peaceful coexistence and Iraqis aspiration to a prosperous future for the country.
The President of the Republic asked the visiting delegation to convey his greetings to President Macron and his wishes to the French people for further development and progress.
Mr. Jean-Yves Laudrian the French Foreign Minister reiterated his country's commitment to support Iraq and France’s willingness to expand horizons of cooperation with Iraq in all fields. Mrs. Florence Barley the Defense Minister expressed her country's commitment to stand by Iraq in its war against the terrorist organization of ISIS, and continue to provide military assistance to Iraqi forces and contribute to arming and developing their capabilities.
The two ministers also asserted the French government's interest in contributing to the reconstruction of institutions affected by terrorism, especially the University of Mosul, as well as the need to exert efforts to ensure the success of the project of societal reconciliation as it is the cornerstone of establishing civil peace. The Two French ministers valued the President's efforts to promote national unity and to converge views amongst all communities.

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