Iraqi President ratifies the Yazidi Women Survivors Law on International Women's Day: Iraqi Women have contributed to the struggle against terror and preservation of country's dignity


On Monday, March 8, 2021, on International Women's Day, at the Iraqi Parliament, President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih ratified the Yazidi Women Survivors Law. Approval of the Bill was widely attended by senior Iraqi officials, including the Speaker of Parliament Mohammed al-Halbouosi, the Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Chief Justice Faiq Zidan, the head of the Iraqiyoon Coalition, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, several Members of Iraqi Parliament, and a number of Yazidi, Turkmen, Shabak and Christian Women survivors.
President Salih's full text follows:
"In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Iraqi ladies,
Our mothers, daughters, sisters and wives,
I extend my warmest congratulations on your day, International Women's Day, wherever you are.  
It's a day that deserves to be commemorated, to recall the past, where the ultimate sacrifices were made by the Women. And the present day deserves to be remarked, where we, Men and women, share responsibilities, to sustain life as it's a day that requires us to set up plans for the future, to be more just and equitable and to recognize the great roles that are being played by women.
On a day like this, we have to pay tribute to the great role played by Iraqi Women during the recent decades. It was decades of wars, dreadful scourge, hardship, violence, starvation and embargo. Together we have faced and overcome honorably and proudly many of these difficulties, and the role of women in all of this has been great.
In extremely difficult circumstances, Iraqi Women have managed to safeguard the family structure and to sustain life as they contributed to the struggle against terror and violence, with having the heroic role in standing beside the men to preserve the country's dignity. In this way, Iraqi Women stood beside men, carrying weapons, and many of them were killed in action, and that they gave an example that we should be proud of in sacrifice and heroism. Some of Women were kidnapped, enslaved and displaced by the imperative groups known as Islamic State(IS). Other groups of Yazidi, Turkmen Shi'a, Christians, Shabaks and who were also subjected too.
Today, I have the honor to ratify the Yazidi Women Survivors Law which has been enacted to provide redress for victims' sufferings. The Bill calls for compensation, rehabitation and education for survivors who have been subjected to the most heinous violations against human beings and crimes of IS genocide.
The Bill formally recognizes the genocide where the Yazidis, Christians, Turkmen and Shabaks were subjected. It also covered the members of other Iraqi communities, those who suffered from the atrocities committed by IS, that were contrary to basic human values.
 There is an urgent need, which is a national responsibility to enter the law into force to redress the victims and to facilitate their education and their rehabilitation, reintegration into society to help them achieve a decent standard of living and social life.
In this vein, I do believe that I have to thank and appreciate the Speaker of Iraqi Parliament, the two Deputies Speaker, the Members of Parliament and the Parliamentary blocs who worked tirelessly to make this happen.
 Your efforts are hailed, and we all can be proud of these achievements which are a matter of critical importance to us and to Iraqi Parliament. God willing, the Law will come into effect, and we hope that Women and Girls survivors will be redressed.
Women who sacrificed their lives,
Women who lost their loved ones, their sons, fathers and husbands,
Women who were kidnapped, enslaved, displaced and killed,
To you, we reiterate our gratitude, and you deserve the highest esteem and appreciation.
Your great role in the face of the tremendous odds has been honored by the history and it also will be remembered by the generations to come in the time of hardship and heroism.
Your roles in peacemaking as well as in promoting social cohesion will be lasted forever by history. Women are angels of love, fraternity and coexistence.
There is no doubt that the role of women is essential in any social, cultural or economic development. There is no development of society without this responsible and effective role of women.
    My mother (May she rests in peace, and all deceased persons rest in peace) had been reminding me when I was saying that Women are half of society, and she had confirmed that Women are the mothers, therefore they are not only the half of society, but also they are the whole society.
International Women's Day will further increase the sense of responsibility for more legislation and action that guarantees women's rights, and it increases the respect and appreciation that they deserve.
I wish Women a peaceful celebration and full of joy for them.
I wish all the mothers, sisters, daughters and wives a blessed and great holiday, full of happiness, justice and freedom."