Iraqi President Receives a Written Message from Pope Francis


On Tuesday, April 6, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih received Archbishop Mitja Leskovar, the Vatican nuncio to Iraq. The meeting was held at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad.
Archbishop Mitja Leskovar first conveyed greetings from His Holiness Pope Francis to Iraqi President Barham Salih and he also delivered a written message for the Iraqi President from the Pope.
In the message, Pope Francis expressed gratitude and appreciation to the people of Iraq and its government for their warm reception and generous hospitality when he visited Iraq. Iraq with its millennial civilization, its long history and culture is able to play a meaningful role in both regional and global issues, the Pope said, Cultural, religious and ethnic diversity earns Iraq more strength. He reaffirmed his support for Iraqi people to bring security, stability and peace to Iraq.  
President Salih, asking the Vatican nuncio to convey his greetings to Pope Francis in turn. He indicated that the Pope’s visit to Iraq, Baghdad, Najaf, Dhi Qar, Erbil and Mosul is of great historical importance in supporting Iraq as he hailed his sustained attention and his continued support for the Iraqi.
The Pope's visit to Iraq is a deep and powerful message for human solidarity to the Iraqi people who look forward to overcoming the difficulties and challenges that they face and to establish security and stability in the country, President Salih said. Furthermore, it would help Iraqi population to promote peaceful coexistence, enhance social cohesion among all Iraqi components and build peace and stability in Iraq and the region as well, he added.
His Excellency President Salih noted that it was crucial to foster a spirit of optimism which has been brought by the Pope's visit to Iraq, and it therefore, Iraqis including Muslims, Christians and people of other faiths, look forward to building peace in their country.