President Salih Ratifies Federal Financial Budget: Vital to Implement Items of Budget, thereby Ensuring Citizens' Interests as well as Supporting Economic Reform and the Fight against Corruption


On Thursday, April 8, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih ratified the law on the federal financial budget for the year 2021.
While officially signing the budget law, His Excellency President Salih said that the approval of the budget comes to secure the essential needs of Iraqi people and so that the government could pay public sectors salaries, pensions on time and fund the necessary expenditures, so as to achieve social justice for all Iraqi people in all the regions of the country.
The President underlined that financial and economic reform should be adopted, and different economic sectors must be enhanced which would contribute to support the objectives of progress and development. The approval of the federal financial budget is a matter of critical importance to guarantee citizens' entitlements, he said.
We reinforce the role of the services concerned to implement the items of the financial budget, he continued, we call upon all to step up their efforts to achieve what the Iraqis hope to be done for them to meet their needs as well as rebuilding their country. Furthermore, necessary measures are required to be taken to support the low-income groups, create jobs for youths and pursue the reforms and the fight against corruption, he added.
President Salih ratified law on the federal financial budget for the year 2021 after being voted and sent to the Presidency of the Republic by the Iraqi Parliament.