The President of the Republic Inspects the Ministry of Electricity, Meets with al-Fahdawi

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic visited on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, the Ministry of Electricity and met with Mr. Qassem Mohammed al-Fahdawi the Minister of Electricity, a number of Deputy Ministers, General Managers, and technical and engineering staff in the ministry.
During the visit, the President also was briefed in details on the work of the ministry and the services it provides to citizens represented in providing electricity, running and maintaining power production units of all types and, building and installing switching stations and laying high pressure lines. He was also briefed on the future plans of the ministry.
While His Excellency commended the efforts of the ministry and the expertise of its staff and their tireless efforts to meet the needs of the citizens for electricity, especially during the current summer, he hailed the ministry’s martyrs of workers and technicians, especially in the areas that was subjected to terrorist attacks.
During the meeting, His Excellency instructed the relevant ministries to provide all facilities and support to the Ministry of Electricity to develop its projects, implement its new plans in all fields, and focus on the importance of increasing the hours of providing electricity power to all provinces and remote areas. He also instructed to work on organizing and developing distribution networks, implementing new power plants, repair those which were damaged by the sabotage actions that took place in areas controlled by the terrorist organization of ISIS and, the need to attach priority to this issue, as well as the development of a clean and sustainable energy dossier.
The President asserted the importance of exerting utmost efforts to promote the advancement of the national distribution system to its highest levels and in a way that meets the needs of citizens to this vital chapter. He called on citizens to rationalize energy consumption and not to waste the electricity.
His Excellency also stressed on the importance of investing in all joints of the electrical system to improve the proceeding of electricity after it has proved successful in many neighborhoods of Baghdad, and circulated to the rest of the areas in the capital or other provinces in a manner that does not burden the citizen and provide electricity for all, especially in the summer. The President also called on developing the collection system and eliminating overrides on the power networks.
President Masum stressed the need to launch financial allocations for the construction of new generating stations and provide maintenance to stations in service. He pointed out the importance of working with the relevant departments to overcome the obstacles that prevent the increase of production and the development of infrastructure of the national electricity system. His Excellency expressed hope that the upcoming days would witness development in processing of electricity.
For his part, Mr. Qassem al-Fahdawi the Minister of Electricity confirmed the Ministry's efforts to provide the best services to citizens. He praised President Masum’s direct interest of in this vital chapter, and his efforts to develop the electricity sector in the country.

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