Iraqi President Meets Arab League-Secretary-General: Iraq Supports Efforts Aiming at Putting an End to Crises and Defusing Tensions in the Region, and Iraq's Stability Is an Essential for our Region's security as a whole and for its Peoples as well


On Saturday, April 10, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit. The meeting was held at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, and was attended by Iraqi Minister for Foreign Affairs, Fuad Hussein.
During the meeting, latest developments in politics, and in security-related matters in Iraq and the region were discussed, while talks have been focused on how to meet the political and security challenges, currently sweeping the region.
Participants at the meeting spoke about how important it was to address the challenges represented by the COVID-19, with focus on having further concerted efforts as well as working towards strengthening security, stability, economic cooperation and opportunities for regional development.
President Salih stated that Iraq's efforts are directed towards supporting dialogue where the problems could be addressed, and regional tensions could be defused. Iraq works toward adopting a joint Arab cooperation to bring about regional peace and security as it's an integral part of Iraq's security and its stability, he said, while noting how important it was to increase economic and trade cooperation and support investment and development opportunities. He underscored the important role that could be played by the Arab League to coordinate the positions among its members.
The President noted that a policy of opening, adopted by Iraq comes for the reason that the Iraqi government believes that it was necessary so that there could be further joint dialogues to firmly establish the pillars of stability. Furthermore, Iraq's stability and its sovereignty is an indispensable element for peace and security throughout the region and for its peoples as well, he added.
The Secretary-General of the Arab League, in turn, gave a detailed account on the Arab League's endeavors to strengthen Arab cooperation and establish regional security and stability. He reiterated the Arab League's commitment to support Iraqi government's efforts in the fight against terror as well as in promoting peace, security and stability in Iraq, and protecting citizens' lives.