Iraqi President Offers Condolences to the Families of the Victims of Fire Broke out at Iraqi COVID-19 Hospital Ibn Al-Khatib: Persons Found Responsible Must Be Held Accountable


Our hearts still feel the pain of the loss of the lives of our people, while having followed closely the tragic incident which had taken the lives of hospitalized patients at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital in Baghdad. We do follow the reports on the incident moment by moment.
We support the decisions adopted by the Iraqi Government and the Parliament to call for holding an immediate investigation into the cause of the blaze until those at fault have been brought to justice, with focus on that all the efforts should be made to treat the wounded.
We hail the civil defense fire team and the volunteers who made their best to evacuate and rescue the patients.
We offer prayers and condolences to the families of the victims as we wish a speedy recovery of those who were wounded.

President of the Republic of Iraq,
 Barham Salih