President Masum Congratulates Iraqis and Muslims by the advent of the Holy Eid of Al-Adha, expresses strong confidence in the Iraqis' ability to build a modern and sophisticated democratic state

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic congratulated Iraqis and Muslims around the world by the advent of the Holy Eid of Al-Adha, stressing in a speech addressed to the Iraqi people on this occasion that his feelings are directed in particular to the heroes of our armed forces as they approach the victory over terrorism, and to the families of martyrs and captives and displaced people, expressing his confidence in the ability of Iraqis to overcome all obstacles and start towards building a decent future for their country, in the shadow of  a prosperous and dignified civil state dominated by dialogue, understanding and cooperation, guaranteeing the rights of all its sons without discrimination, asking Allah Almighty to give all Muslims and all mankind peace and blessings.
In the following is the full text:

 “In the name of Allah most Gracious most Merciful

Dear people of Iraq
Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah upon you

With the advent of Eid al-Adha, and at the same time that millions of Muslims of different origins and colors stand on Mount Arafat in solidarity and unified, I extend to you the warmest greetings and blessings on this holy occasion, wishing all Muslims and humanity all peace, and to our people have greatness, pride and unity of the word.
In this holy occasion, we pray to Allah to grant the martyrs of our people with mercy who sacrificed their most precious for their freedom and the dignity of their people, and a speedy recovery for the wounded. I extend my deepest gratitude and congratulations to the brave heroes of our armed forces from all formations of the National Army, the Federal Police, the Peshmerga, the Popular Crowd Mobilization and the Civilian Volunteers as they approach the triumph of victory over terrorism, that our feelings of solidarity and appreciation go to the families of the martyrs of our armed forces and the victims of terrorist acts, As well as to the captives and displaced people, asking Allah almighty to make this holiday the beginning of the era of peace, good and right to our country and the region and the world, and to pay the pace of our people to overcome all the obstacles and challenges of security, political and economic that facing our country and while it launched with the determination and confidence to build a democratic modern federal state based on upholding the principles of the Constitution, the values of citizenship, community reconciliation, dialogue, understanding, cooperation and respect for freedoms and rights, and all that guarantees a prosperous and prestigious civil life for all our people without any discrimination.
Blessed Eid
Every Year and You Would Be Fine.

Fuad Masum
The President of the Republic”

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