President Salih: Remedying the Country's Situation Should Be Worked Out According to the Will of Iraqis Through Conducting Fair and Free Election to Enjoy Full Freedom of Choosing Representatives, and It Is Vital to Work Together to Curb Corruption a


While delivering a speech at the 4th annual Civil Society Organization Conference, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih emphasized the role played by Civil Social Organizations to establish and maintain the project of the national State that is strong, capable, and works toward building the good governance as well as establishing the rule of law. He called upon all government and political institutions to support civil society organizations.
The President said that Iraq is going through a critical and grave stage in its efforts regarding the political situations, and a large amount of national needs which is still ahead of us requires to be met by politicians and individuals who are eager to preserve the sovereignty of their country and   build peace and security for their people.
Moreover, conducting an early election that should be held on time in October, 2021 is the most imperative need that can't be delayed, and compromise should not be made. However, it is a popular demand and it is also a political necessity to establish a new political contract that allows the Iraqis to elect a national and capable government, President Salih underscored.
 Security and economic challenges swept our country should be addressed according to the will of Iraqis through holding fair and free election, he continued, the patience of Iraqi people and the unemployed youths, who hope that they would have a better situation ensuring that their demands will be met to live a life of dignity and freedom, is a heavy burden that couldn't be sustained.
To this end, structural reforms have to be made to close a huge gap between the government and the people, and the gap caused by political impediments, and policies adopted by the Iraqi government needs to be reviewed, and bold and decisive constitutional and legal amendments have also to be made, he said.
Iraqi President Salih confirmed that the primary and essential task in which the current government has been formed to do is to hold the election, which is a great responsibility that should not be taken by the government only, but also by all the political powers that formed the government under delicate and complex circumstances.
He asserted that our task requires us to step up our collective efforts and bring all community position together, and this can be achieved through civil society organizations that should have further community mobilization activities and create national networks for electoral observation to ensure the integrity and conduct of the elections, and guarantee that the Iraqi can exercise their democratic right to choose their representatives for running of the country.
He spoke about how it is important to fight against administrative, financial and political corruption which would affect the political situations and the electoral process, as has happened previously. Serious measures and legal proceedings are also required to be taken, he said, while firm political stances have to be adopted.
President Salih noted that he has presented to Iraq’s House of Representatives a draft law to curb the corruption and recover stolen funds as well as holding those who steal public money accountable, and chase persons who are charged with corruption cases or being sentenced, both at home and abroad.
 He called upon all the political forces and institutions concerned to unite to bring the national position together and speak in one voice, to have recourse to the language of national dialogue, logic and mind, while he added that the country's national interest should be given priority over any other political considerations.