The Presidency of the Republic Criticizes Irresponsible Parliamentary and Media Remarks

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The Media Office of the Presidency of the Republic criticized, today Friday September 8, 2017, irresponsible statements issued recently by parliamentary and media sources, aimed at abusing H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic on the backdrop of divergent positions on the issue of the referendum in the Kurdistan Region, stressing that His Excellency is very concerned with unifying the word of all Iraqis to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the constitution and not shift with one side against the other parties to the political process.
The Office affirmed that the President of the Republic is exerting all his efforts to strengthen relations amongst the relevant parties and calling for further dialogue to end the outstanding problems, focusing on the priority of protecting the constitution and ensure the implementation of its provisions. The Office pointed out that His Excellency is not a political spokesman to give his opinion on daily basis concerning the emerging events in the national, regional and international spheres.
The Office drew attention to the interest of the President of the Republic on the need for more dialogue amongst the parties of the political process and all Iraqis to resolve any differences or lingering or emergency problems. He strongly rejects attempts to question His Excellency's principle and the fixed positions, which stress on the priority of upholding the principles of the constitution and, warned of efforts aimed at pushing political differences among the sons of our people to the stage of explosion and move on with conflicts that the country does not need at all.
The Media Office at the Presidency of the Republic considered that the unfortunate press remarks made or echoed by some of whom in this regard involve a blatant misrepresentation of the public opinion and a pitting that sometimes lacks decency against the Presidency of the Republic. The Media Office reiterated the call for caution in launching such irresponsible remarks which may harm the reputation and security of the country and its high interests regardless to the narrow self-motivation of those who launched these remarks, welcoming any constructive criticism or inquiry in this regard.


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