The President of the Republic Receives the European Peace Institute Delegation

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H.E. Dr. Fuad Masum the President of the Republic received a delegation representing the European Peace Institute, headed by Mr. Martin Griffiths the Executive Director of the Institute, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad, this morning, September 10, 2017.
His Excellency asserted the importance of the activities carried out by civil society organizations and international bodies in the current circumstances that Iraq is experiencing. He valued the humanitarian efforts exerted by local and international organizations in providing aids to the Iraqi people, especially to the IDPs, and providing them with decent means of living until they return to their areas of residence.
The President also stressed on the importance of activating the dossier of societal reconciliation that will entrench the principles of civil peace, and co-existence amongst all communities of the Iraqi people, especially in areas that have suffered from the scourge of terrorism and the control of ISIS on all aspects of life and, rehabilitating and protecting the emerging generations from extremism.
While President Masum expressed the readiness of Iraq to support the work of these organizations, he stressed on the need to provide all facilities that will make the humanitarian tasks successful.
For his part, Mr. Mr. Martin Griffiths the Executive Director of the European Peace Institute expressed the interest of his organization to exert maximum efforts to entrench peaceful coexistence in Iraq through programs and plans that have progressed in this field. He appreciated the role of the President of the Republic in his endeavor to activate the project of societal reconciliation and to converge views amongst all the spectrums of the people.


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