Iraqi President Receives Credentials of New Appointed Ambassadors to Iraq: Iraq's Balanced Relations Strengthen Regional and International Cooperation that Aims to Calm Tensions in the Region and Address Shared Challenges


The President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih received on Monday, 6 September, 2021, at al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, credentials of the newly appointed Ambassadors to Iraq.
The new Ambassadors are the Ambassador of Bangladesh, Mr. Amdi Fadloul, the Ambassador of Romania, Mr. Radu Octavian Dobre, the Ambassador of Pakistan, Mr. Ahmed Amjad Ali, the Ambassador of India, Mr. Prashant Bisai, the Ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Jonas Lofven, the Ambassador of Spain, Mr. Pedro Martineth, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Al-Hassan Mohammad Aliyat, Finnish Ambassador Mr. Matti Lassila, the European Union’s new ambassador to Iraq, Mr. Ville Varjola and the French Ambassador, Mr. Eric Chevallier.
While meeting separately with each of the ambassadors, Iraqi President Salih emphasized that Iraq looks forward to having balanced relations based on promoting political, economic and trade cooperation, paving the ways for new investments and supporting regional and international coordination. These included mitigating tensions in the region and bringing about peace and security there, he added
It is of critical importance that we have further regional and global cooperation in order to tackle today's challenges, which first and foremost among are the fight against terrorism, how to deal with the repercussions of economic fluctuations in addition to address health crisis and extreme climate change and safeguarding the environment, President Salih said.
The President wished the Ambassadors would have every success in discharging their new tasks, in the ways that could better serve and promote the relationships between Iraq and their countries.
The Ambassadors, in their turns, thanked His Excellency the President, and expressed their countries' desire to further develop their ties with Iraq at every level in the ways that most benefit the mutual relations.