Iraqi President Salih: Iraq Is Eager to Strengthen Its Relations with the European Union, and Combating Terrorism and Corruption in Addition to Ease Regional Tensions and Confront Climate Crisis Are Vital Issues


On Monday, 6 September 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell.
Mutual relations between Iraq and the European Union were discussed during the meeting, with focus on the importance of strengthening and advancing these ties across all the fields.
The support being given to Iraq over the past years by the EU was hailed by the President, while the EU's commitment to sustaining its support in the political, security, humanitarian, economic sectors as well as in service projects and rebuilding the country was also appreciated as well.
Iraq is eager to develop further cooperative relations with the EU across all sectors, President Salih said, and advantage should be taken of the European experience.
It was vital to have further cooperation in order to reduce tensions in the region, defuse crises and establish peace and security here, the Iraqi President emphasized.
Furthermore, he underlined that the path of peaceful solution should be promoted and encouraged while economic and commercial interdependence is also required to be stronger cooperation. To do so, a secure stable Iraq should be ensured, he added.
Moreover, President Salih spoke about the most urgent issues, primarily the continuation of the war on terror, and ensuring that there were no safe havens for terrorists in the region and supporting economic development in Iraq.
During the discussion there was focus on the need to provide the support for Iraq to address the climate change and protect environment as they are challenges facing Iraq, the region and the world as well as, and what measures were needed to further fight corruption and to recover the stolen funds that were taken out of the country.
Mr. Borrell, in turn, emphasized that the EU is still committed to supporting Iraq across all the fields, and showed the EU's eagerness to promote security, stability and sovereignty in Iraq.
Meanwhile, he hailed the progress being made in Iraq, and efforts being exerted towards resolving domestic issues and towards adopting balanced relations in its foreign policy to calm regional tensions.