President Salih Overseeing Simulation Exercise for Elections: Polling Day, Which Will Start Next Sunday, Is Critically Important, and Is a Significant Milestone in Iraq's History, and Is an Opportunity to Ensure Free and Fair Election and Promote Ind


While visiting the Independence High Electoral Commission(IHEC) and personally overseeing the simulation exercise for elections, Iraqi President Salih said that Election Day, which starts next Sunday, is critically important, and it is a significant milestone in Iraq's history.  
It was vital to provide essential supplies and to create the right conditions for the Sunday election, in order to ensure it was free and fair and that there was no fraud or manipulation, he asserted.
 Election Day is an opportunity to ensure free and fair elections, promote the independence and sovereignty of Iraq as well as working towards undertaking genuine reforms, he said.
On Sunday, 3 October, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih visited the Independence High Electoral Commission(IHEC). The Head and the Members of IHEC in addition to the UNAMI Chief, Ms. Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert attended the meeting.
Preparations that are under way for organizing the legislative election that is set to be held next Sunday were discussed during the meeting.
His Excellency President Salih was briefed on the ongoing functions of the IHEC, and he oversaw the simulation exercise for elections which included the procedure for the ballot process, and how the Voters will cast their ballots.
Country's next election, which is set to be held on next Sunday, is of great importance, and is a milestone in the history of Iraq, he said at a press conference, while adding that we hope the election will be a stepping stone for building a reform project meeting the Iraqis' aspirations for having good governance.
However, the election had been organized to meet the legitimate popular demands of the Iraqi calling for sweeping reforms, President Salih underlined, while emphasizing the need to create the right conditions for a secure and transparent vote, and to ensure that elections will be fair and free and there could be no fraud or electoral manipulation so Iraqis can determine their own future.
Furthermore, he confirmed that the next Sunday is an opportunity to consolidate the national will of the Iraqi, promote the independence and sovereignty of Iraq as well as working towards undertaking genuine reforms meeting the Iraqi citizens' legitimate rights.
Additionally, it is also an opportunity to build a new situation in Iraq, where the country's accumulated problems could be resolved, and to realize what we want for our country in being free, independent and sovereign state that treats its people with respect and peacefully, and has good neighborly relations with its neighbors, and harnesses and manages the country's resources in the ways that would most benefit their citizens, the President highlighted.  
The Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) Jalil Adnan expressed his gratitude and appreciation to President Salih, to the Iraqi Prime Minister and the UNAMI for supporting the IHEC.
Reference was made to the efforts exerted by the IHEC over the past two years for organizing the ballots process.
 Our meeting today with Iraqi President Salih which was held at the IHEC was an important meeting, UN Envoy to Iraq, Ms. Jeanine-Hennis Plasschaert said, while wishing Iraqis every success in the elections.