Iraqi President Salih: Large Turn-Out at Elections Achieves Genuine Representation of the Will of People, and Prevents Those Who Intend to Sway Election by Making Fraud or other Irregularities Play Role in elections' Outcome


On Monday, October 4, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with a delegation including representatives from different Iraqi components and segments and from various Iraqi cities and areas.
Meeting's agenda included discussion of the importance of Iraqi upcoming parliamentary elections, and how important it would be for Iraqi components.
Great needs which must be meet, where the country is going to hold an early election in a few days in favor of Iraq, are turning point for Iraq's history, and chart the nation's future, President Salih said,
Elections must be a starting point toward reform that ensures having good governance, that enforces the rule of law, safeguards the country's sovereignty, and where the rights and duties of citizens are guaranteed, and regulated, he asserted.
It is vital to restore voter confidence in local ballots and to motivate higher voter turnout, the President underlined, so this will prevent those who intend to sway the election by making fraud, manipulation or other irregularities that could play a role in the outcome of the elections.
 Extraordinary technical measures will be undertaken for the electoral process to prevent electoral irregularities and to guarantee the integrity of the vote, he underscored.
 Furthermore, the Iraqi President emphasized that Iraq's diversity, which has different components and different segments of society, enriches the social, political and cultural situation, and it should be turned into a force.  Therefore, the use of the term" minorities" should be changed into the term "components" when describing Iraq's great diversity, he added.
Meanwhile, he spoke about the importance of ensuring large turn-out of the Iraqi components at the elections in order to guarantee active presence in the next Iraqi Parliament and ensure fully enjoy their rights.
Moreover, the electoral system guarantees a genuine presence of the components, although it is not what we aspire to, in addition to the seats being allocated for the components, he confirmed, while stressing the importance of the broad participation of Iraqis in the elections, especially those components to vote in favour of the candidate that they see as a genuine representative for them.
A major task that is still ahead of us after elections will be conducted, and government will be formed, is to review the Constitution, he continues, and this issue is crucial for the Iraqi components so their presence in the next Parliament and in the relevant constitutional commissions is a matter of great importance for them.
However, the State works toward laying the ground for the representatives of the Iraqi components to have access to all government institutions, President Salih said.
The right of components has been always supported and defended by the country's religious institution, namely the Supreme Religious Authority in Najaf more than anyone else, he said.
Pope Francis' trip to Iraq was an opportunity to affirm Iraqi diversity, and Muslims and other Iraqi components were pleased by the visit as the people of Christian faith were pleased, His Excellency added.