President Barham Salih: Tomorrow's Election Is an Opportunity to Build a Strong State, based on the Genuine and Free Will of Iraqi People, and that Is Able to Adjust pasts Wrong Paths


Tomorrow's election is the most important electoral process in Iraq's recent history, and is essential to our democracy as it determines our people's fate for years to come, and it is a necessary cornerstone to build the country, Iraqi President Salih stated while addressing Iraqi people, this election is an opportunity to build able strong State, that could fight corruption, and amend and review current constitution to reflect reality on ground and strengthen the country's independence and sovereignty.

He encourages people of Iraq to elect an effective and powerful new Parliament, the President underscored, while the new  Parliament has to appoint new effecient and productive government that could meet the people's needs and demands, where there should be no complacency in addressing these issues. Previous governments inaction in the system of governance since 2003 must be addressed. he added.

Furthermore, he highlighted that to create a path for free and fair election, a new electoral law was adopted, and new members of Independent High Electoral Commission were appointed, additionally many countries around the world are willing to monitor and oversee this election. All of that is to make certain that we will have a free and fair election, and prevent frauds or temptation to change the outcome. The lesson has learnt and we will try to fill all the loopholes in the previous elections that turned out unfavorably in the interest of our people and hindered the peaceful process of transition of power. 

The President encourages people to head to the polling centers tomorrow and cast their votes in the favor of their candidates of choice, as a large turn-out and well-informed participation at the elections are a turning point in the fate of our country, Iraqi President emphasized, the mass participation prevent those who intend to commit fraud or other irregularities that could play a role in the outcome of the elections which would adversely impact the Iraqis future.

President Salih's speech follows:  

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.

My fellow Iraqis

Today, we are at critical juncture and and an important landmark moment, in few hours our country is going to hold an important election in Iraqs recent history.
This election is essential to our democracy as it determines our people's fate for year to come, as it is a necessary fundamental cornerstone to build out future, therefore, my fellow Iraqis, at the moment, we have to take a serious stand in placing our national interests above all other interests.

Tomorrows election is a unique opportunity to build a strong state, to take the right path to word a better future, to address the major challenges we face, to fight curroption, to bring justice and equity, and to amend our constitution to reflect the reality, and to strengen our country's defence and protect our sovereignty through constructing new political and social contract. 

To make that happen, a new freewill parliament must be elected, and this new parlaminet has to appoint a new government, a government that could address current challenges and meet the current needs, where there should be no complacency in addressing issues and challenges.
While it's ok to appreciate what we have  achieved since 2003 of shifting our country from dictatorship to constitutional democracy, but also we do not have to hesitate admitting that we have long way to apply the principles of good governance.

Tomorrows election has to be national momentum for Iraqis to bring desired reforms, this election place a power of change in the hand of Iraqi citizens. 

We took along way to reach this moment, so far, election law was amended, new high electoral commission members were elected, and the international community will assist us by monitoring and oversee election process.

All that efforts have been made to ensure the free and fair election, prevent frauds and any irregularities that may impact the election outcome, and to fill the loopholes affected the litegemcy of previous election, hindered the peaceful transaction of power, and impeded changes. 

My fellow brothers and sisters of my homeland, 
Tomrrow the entire world's eyes going to be on us to observe and prove of "unbreakable will" of Iraqis, despite all the suffering they have experienced as consequences of overcoming many years of violence, wars, and oppression in compare to the rest of the world. 

The world will be watching the will of Iraqis that bravely and with unwavering national pride stood against the most heinous terrorist organization in the recent history known as Islamic state or Daesh. 

Our people had managed to defeat ISIS and achieve the triumph as they prevented this terrorist organization from destabilizing Iraq, region, and ultimately the world as well. 

Let's this election be a statement of Iraqi people to the rest of the world that Iraqi people's choice reflect their firm will to have freedom and sovereignty. Let this election emphasize on Iraqi peoples determination to bring back Iraq's povotal role regionaly and globally. 

Let's this election represent the great Wall for our country. History teaches us that the voice of the people are most powerful, and their willpower will keep going and remains forever. 

The voice of each Iraqis has been embedded in  and entrusted in them and we have been given the responsibility for protecting and safeguarding the free exercise of the basic rights and freedom of our citizens. 

Many sacrifices have been made and bloods have been shed on the path towards safeguarding this country, therefore, it must not go on vain. It's therefore we have to uphold a trust placed on us. 

Certainly, large turnout and well-informed participation at the election is turning point in the fate of our country. It means a real representation of people, reflects the wellpower, and it will prevent those who intend to make fraud or tamper the outcome that could play a role in the election result. 

Let's tomorrow vote be in the favor of those who are elegible to build our country, those who are better able to tackle our challenges, thus at the end of the election, our people will have a sense of real election, and have the feel of success and progress, if god willing. 

Let the free and fair and transparent election be the power of the people, for realizing their dream and their aspiration. Ensuring free and fair election is our responsibility as people and as authorities of the state. And by the power entrusted in us to maintain the integrity of our country and protect ourselves and generations to come. 

In conclusion, I extend my sincere thanks to the government and its enforcement agencies to act in accordance to support election and provide prime condition to ensure free and fair election and prevent fraud and manipulation.

I also admire efforts made by the independent high electoral commission of Iraq, and thanks our security forces for protecting the ballots. 
Salut to all martyrs of our homeland. 

Let's achieve peace in Iraq, and step forward toword more prosperity and development that enable and empower our people to live a life of dignity and freedom, and let this be the goal that unite us. 
God bless you and bless Iraq.