Iraqi President Congratulates Mandaean Community on Annual Holiday Festival, Dehwa, Daimana


On the occasion of the advent of the Annual Holiday Festival, Dehwa, Daimana ( birthday of John the Baptist), I extend my warmest congratulations and blessings to all Mandaean communities in Iraq and around the world and wish them blessed and wonderful holidays full of goodness, joy as well as peace and security.

On this occasion, we recall the national stances of these indigenous people of Iraq while their intellectual and social contributions to Iraq's history can't be denied.

Meanwhile, they maintained their national identity through sharing challenges, working shoulder by shoulder, and bringing positions together with all the Iraqi components, despite all hardships that they faced.

I wish a blessed and great Eid, full of goodness, peace and security to the Mandaean community, and wishing the next will be in the light of better conditions for everyone.

Barham Salih,
The President of the Republic of Iraq