Iraqi President: Terrorist threat to Iraq has caused large-scale Internal and external displacements, so a strategy for fighting extremism and terrorism should be established


On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with the IOM’s Deputy Director-General of Operations, Ms. Ugochi Daniels. The meeting was held at al-Salam Palace in Baghdad.

How important it was to advance further cooperation between Iraq and the IOM, President Salih said, and work towards developing strategies for fighting against terrorism and extremism.

 Iraq has suffered greatly from the threat of terrorism hanging over the country, he added, that as a result of this threat, there were large-scale Internal and external displacements outflows of Iraqi populations.

 The President also spoke of the importance of facilitating the voluntary return of migrants, with a focus on respecting international law that guarantees human rights and the right of citizens to choose, and ensures that their life will be back to normal in their cities.

Ms. Ugochi, in turn, stated that the IOM will continue to be an unwavering supporter of Iraq in terms of immigration files, and will also support Iraq to join the IOM Council member states and be an effective member.       



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