President Rashid Addresses Arab Summit in Algiers


In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

 His Excellency President Abdelmadjid Tebboune,
President of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria,
Your Majesties, Excellencies, Highnesses, Kings, Presidents, Emirs and Heads of States and Governments,
His Excellency Brother, Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Peace, Mercy and Blessings of Allah be upon you.

It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest wishes and congratulations to dear Algeria and its government and its people while marking the anniversary of the Algerian revolution.  Allah save Algeria and prevail the peace and progress over the country.

First and foremost, I hail the efforts made by the Algerians for organizing this Summit.

I greet my brother, President Abdelmadjid Tebboune and I offer my sincere congratulations on chairing the work of the 31st session of the Arab Summit. We are very confident in your ability to wisely and skillfully manage and succeed in the work of the Summit in the favor of common action.

I also extend my thanks and gratitude to the Tunisian President, Kais Saied and the Republic of Tunisia for well-managed the work of the previous Summit.

I also thanked the Brother, Secretary-General of the Arab League, Ahmed Aboul Gheit, and all the staff of the General Secretariat of the Arab League for their efforts and their noble role to bring views closer together and help ensure the success of this Summit and to meet its expectations.

 The Political changes taking place in some of our countries in addition to the changing in their interrelationships and in their regional and international environment at large have placed emphasis on the importance of this Summit to come up with the decisions and understandings that help to value the gravity of this critical juncture in the history of the international relations and ensure a great measure of a constructive understanding among our countries, them, the states of the regional system and international community to promote security and stability and preserve the peoples' high interest.

 We hope and seek that this summit will pave the way to work as a serious starting point and to be a new actor to make the atmosphere of common action more smooth and clear.

 Bearing in mind, that the unity and the interests of people in the pursuit of peace, development, and construction is the right basis to respect the sovereignty of each state. It would, therefore, be necessary to be taken as it is a positive and effective basis.

If we succeed to realize the principles, our common action within the framework of the League of Arab States will be more helpful to put an end to the crisis and reach a fair and rapid solution.

  However, we expect that we are getting very close to reaching these principles more than at any other time to pay tribute to the ultimate sacrifices and the blood spilled in more than one country of our Arab World.

We have to estimate the scale of the critical times in a world threatened by the crises that continue to present an alarming state at both regional and international levels.

O brothers,
The plight of the Palestinian people remains at the top of our problems.

 Our unwavering position on the Palestinian cause remains unchanged and to ensure the legitimate right of the Palestinian people to establish their own independent State which al Quds al-Sharif as its capital.

In this regard, Iraq condemns the actions that aim to undermine the legal and historical status of the holy city of al-Quds al-Sharif and calls for compliance with the U.N Security Council Resolution No. 478 of 1980 to face the attempts that aim to move the diplomatic missions to al-Quds al-Sharif( Zahra al-Madaen).

I hail the efforts made by the Palestinians to overcome the internal division. we affirm our appreciation for the efforts and initiatives made by the fraternal Republic of Algeria to help bring views closer together, so as to promote the national unity of Palestine.

 We reiterate Iraq's full support and its unwavering stance to stand with the Lebanese people to bridge and put aside the differences and overcome the political and economic crisis that gripped their country. We hope that our efforts would be further directed toward helping Lebanese people of all backgrounds to overcome the crisis through their constitutional institutions.

Regarding the Fraternal country of Syria,
While reaffirming our concern for Syria's sovereignty, territorial integrity and the safety of the people, we support complete negotiations among all Syrian parties to bring security, peace and democracy and strengthen efforts that aim to put an end to the humanitarian crisis that the Syrian went through.

Regarding the Fraternal country of Libya,
Efforts promoting to achieve an inclusive national reconciliation in Libya, are supported by Iraq, however, all concerned parties in Libya should be engaged in dialogue to reach a shared national vision that urges the Libyans to halt the violence and stop the escalation and bring peace and democracy.

Regarding the Fraternal country of Yeman,
We call upon all parties to the conflicts in Yemen to find a political solution to maintain Yemen's unity, and sovereignty as well as preserve their country's territorial integrity.

  Iraq supports dialogue and the principle of good understanding among all parties in Yemen thereby, promoting security and stability, maintaining Yemen's sovereignty, and boosting democracy.

Regarding the Fraternal country of Sudan,
Iraq also emphasizes its support to achieve political stability in Sudan by promoting the language of dialogue to overcome the crisis and maintain the democratic experience. It is, therefore, all parties have to act in a national and active way, and set aside differences, and all actors have to place the country's national interest first to meet the aspirations of the Sudanese people.

 Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses

Iraq went through years of violence and war against terror, it is, therefore, the Iraqis can ensure you that their unity among all the Iraqi people of all backgrounds was a key factor to defeat terrorism and recapture their cities and their villages.

Some remaining cells of the extremist groups known as the Dae'sh remain threatening some parts of Iraq, However, our security armed forces of all kinds and the will of the Iraqi people are determined to continue the fight against terrorism and until clear every inch of the homeland.

The will of the Iraqi people to establish the State of democracy has become more strong, and perhaps resolving the political differences in the last months based on the principles of democracy was a clear standard for establishing this democratic experiment.

Great responsibilities are ahead of the Iraqi government so it has to act to meet the Iraqi people's demands for making reforms, rebuilding and enhancing the effectiveness of Iraq at both regional and international levels. And these tasks require the government to have power, determination and to be wise. All the national political forces have to support the government. Meanwhile, we expected that the government's efforts would be given the support of the brotherly and friendly States.

 The government is also responsible to promote better mutual understanding between the two neighboring states Iran and Turkey to address the water crisis and find a solution to the flow decline of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which resulted in reducing the quantity of water in marshlands and water bodies.

we hope to improve water regulation and this should be done through having a meaningful dialogue with the neighboring States, in a way that preserves the life and environment and tackles climate change and not negatively affected citizens' livelihoods and the economic growth of the country.

I proudly say that Iraq after managing to defeat terror is keen today to be a source of stability in its regional and international environment. To this end, Iraq has stepped up efforts toward having initiatives where Iraq has hosted many meetings to gather the States of the region to create the right conditions for dialogue and defuse the crisis.

We hope these efforts would help ensure the interests of the peoples of the region, bring peace and security and establish the foundations of cooperation and common action.

We hope that these efforts would continue to develop the level of understanding between the conflicting parties to build confidence and look positively to future relations.

So all we're interested in here is Iraq's security and stability and rebuilding our country and the same for our region as well. And this should be on the basis of cooperation and joint work.

And only the way to rebuild and cooperate is to have a positive dialogue, to a convergence of interests, and All of us have to act in a responsible manner for a better future.

The world goes through a crisis,
We should aware of our responsibilities towards our country and our region as well at this crucial juncture.

Our region is blessed with human, material, and natural resources. So, what is gathered our people and our countries to cooperate and to have further partnerships is more that could break us up.

Good understanding is only the solution while war is never and ever reach the solution.

The worst solutions that are produced by the war.

Strengthening confidence and not bad judgment is help us to create optimal conditions for peaceful co-existence and social cohesion.

Let us work for the future that our region deserves to have.

I ask Almighty Allah to bless all of you to advance our countries and to agree upon the unity of our stances and speak in one voice to meet all the challenges and to build the desired future that our peoples deserve.

May Allah save our countries and our peoples and the world as well.

Thank you.



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