Following the return of His Excellency Dr. Abdullatif Jamal Rashid from participating in the Arab League Summit held in Algiers, as well as from participating in the work of Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 27), hosted by Egypt, some parties who don’t want good and peace for Iraq and its people have raised an uproar over the President's visit. They want to undermine the success of the President's two visits, which have been shown through His Excellency's positive meetings with many leaders attending the two Summits.

All the meetings were released through official statements which were issued by the Media Office of the President of the Republic. The Media Office was following closely all the meetings and events that had been held. There were no activities, events, or meetings held in the two brotherly States unless had been made public.

Iraq's position toward expressing its policy which is based on respecting mutual interest and its commitment to the major issues, chiefly the cause of the Palestinian people was clear and explicit. Iraq's stance was appreciated and respected by all. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has expressed that through his meeting with His Excellency President Rashid while hailing the Iraqi attitude.

 The noble sentiments shown by friendly and fraternal leaders emphasized everyone's eagerness to keep Iraq's place and its active role in the regional and international environment. His Excellency welcomed their good sentiments and appreciated their stances as he underlined Iraq's firm attitude to ensure a stable, secure political environment in our region.

This clarification comes to express respect for the right of public opinion to be informed about the facts. And not to be engaged in twaddle that has no other concern but to disturb the unwavering Iraqi position. 

The Media Office


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